Our Executive Head Chef - Alex Fowler

I am looking forward to building on the sourcing of local produce and our relationships with local suppliers. This is to help the chefs get the most out of what is available.

The ability to pick and choose the best produce that is right for you and your guests is every chef’s dream - and something that makes the food prepared in the chalets stand out from others.

I’m also keen to maximise the sharing of knowledge among the White Mountain Chalet chefs.

Good chefs are always learning and refining their methods and it is a unique situation that the chalet chefs find themselves in.

They are individually in charge of their own menus, and they are the ones who get to know their guests preferences and tailor the food to meet them.

With good relationships and some healthy competition, good practice gets shared around.

I am looking forward to having the perspective of an overall view of the chalets, and therefore spot and act upon what needs to be done to maintain consistently excellent food across the company.

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Dine with us

Food is our great passion, and in our opinion one of the most important aspects of a winter sports holiday in a catered chalet.

Our food is something that we feel sets us apart from the rest and we are continually striving to come up with new ideas to create perfect balanced menus for our guests.

Visit our food page for more information about your dining experience...

Catering to your requirements

We recognise that many of our guests will have their own particular dietary requirements and we are constantly looking for new and exciting menu ideas to cater for such needs.  To help us give you the best service possible we would ask that you give us as much information as possible about any dietary requirements and/or food allergies at the time of booking your chalet holiday.

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